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Photography In The Meantime…

In Photography by Mandi Flake

What a ride 2015 has turned out to be! I’ve visited Disney, broke my foot, had my first public sale of my photography through a gallery, lost 10 pounds with the help of the WeightWatchers mobile app, finally saw New Orleans, and even helped a friend re-launch her blog… Sadly, however, I’ve failed to keep you all up to date for most of …

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East End Market: Must Eat In Orlando

In Tips, Travelling by Mandi Flake

If you get the chance to go to Orlando anytime soon, you have to head over to the East End Market. I had the chance to get over there and sample all the shops and area restaurants when I was in town last month, and boy was I in love! From the simple stuff like bread and coffee, to the …

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Tuesday Tip: How to Store Cookies

In Baking, Tips by Mandi Flake

With those tasty Nutty Nutella Cookies still hanging around the kitchen, I figured it would be a good time to share the best way I have found to store cookies. As with most things, Grandma’s advice rules. With each shipment of cookies on Christmas & birthdays, we receive the cookies layered between wax paper and topped with a slice of white …

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Nutty Nutella Cookies

In Desserts, Holidays, Oven, Vegetarian by Mandi Flake

Hello again! So sorry for being MIA over the last month. I have finally come out of my February hibernation and I’m ready to share with you all the fun stuff that’s  been happening in my kitchen and life over the past weeks. Cookies to crepes to conferences and everything in between! But let’s keep our priorities straight and start …

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Favorite Recipes of 2014

In Cooking, Holidays by Mandi Flake

I have finally emerged from my holiday haze – have you? As I’m sitting here planning out the recipes to come, I wanted to take a moment to share with you the hits of the last 12 months, with the favorite recipes of 2014 with the most views on My Cup Is Full. I hope you enjoy them and are reminded of …