31 Days: Learning to Love your Kitchen

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Here we are! Day One of Write 31 Days  where we’ll be exploring how to love our kitchen more over every day in October. You can join along with the journey either through email (see the sign-up form below), or you can come back to this page, where I will be updating with the new links as each new post goes live.

So to start us off, I wanted to share a little bit of my mindset behind the concept. Coming to a love of all things cooking, baking and food-in-general was a long road for me. Early in my life I loved good food, but thought I could only find it in restaurants, never believing in a million years I would be capable of making food I loved even more than what I could find at the restaurant down the street. And if food confused me, kitchen appliances and maintence freaked me out even more… Even when I did barely begin using the kitchen in college, I stayed away from the oven entirely, as I had zero feedback or control over what was happening after it went in the oven, so the suspense of whether it would end up edible was beyond my patience (control freak, I know… I’m working on it). But as the years went on and life changed, I finally figured out that like any relationship, the one I had with food and my kitchen was not getting better by my ignoring it or taking shortcuts.

First Kitchen Love

So over this month I want to share with you some tips and inspiration that helped me learn to love my kitchen, so maybe you’ll enjoy yours that much more as well! To start us off, I just wanted to share a picture of my first kitchen where I really began my journey towards becoming a real cook (of something other than mac & cheese from a box, that is). That little coffee pot in the corner? I melted it in the oven… It’s long story.

31 Days of Learning to Love Your Kitchen:

Day 1: Learning to Love Your Kitchen
Day 2: Start Where You’re At
Day 3: Friday Fun #1
Day 4: Start From Scratch
Day 5: Find Your Vinaigrette
Day 6: Pick Your Day
Day 7: Tuesday Tip From The South
Day 8: The Extra Hour Rule
Day 9: Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Kitchen Knives Closer
Day 10: Friday Fun #2
Day 11: It’s In The Atmosphere
Day 12: A Clear Fridge Is A Clear Mind
Day 13: Take Your Temp
Day 14: Tuesday Tip From 1942
Day 15: Follow Your Nose
Day 16: The Cheapest Kitchen Resource
Day 17: Friday Fun #3
Day 18: Don’t Mess With The Disposal
Day 19: Respect The Pot
Day 20: A Soup For Every Season
Day 21: Tuesday Tip From Betty Crocker
Day 22: If You Care, You Share
Day 23: Baking Buddies
Day 24: Friday Fun #4
Day 25: Eating Out
Day 26: Always Ask
Day 27: Be a Host, Not a Caterer
Day 28: Tuesday Tip from a James Beard Award Winner
Day 29: Make Space
Day 30: Cultivate Gratitude
Day 31: Friday Fun #5


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  20. I need to start spending more time in my kitchen. Hubby does most of the cooking and I want to do more of it. Looking forward to the 31 days.
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  22. What a fun idea for a series! I spend a ton of time in my kitchen, so I'm interested in what you have to say!

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