Adventures in Life, Cooking, and Sharing

I’m in a new place in my life, where I decided to pursue a whole new path – one filled with more space and clarity.

What immediately sprang up inside of this new space I have made was a strange love of cooking, baking, or pretty much anything I could do in a kitchen. A strange thing, because most of my life my highest goal in the kitchen was to make the perfect bowl of easy mac, as my kitchen exposure had never gone beyond a packet and a microwave.

But with a little inspiration I gained from the radio listening to an inspiring cookbook author describe her adventures making things like bagels from scratch, I thought it sounded like fun. Entering a whole new world, within months I went from kraftfoods “fake it” recipes to swearing by fresh herbs and King Arthur Sir Lancelot flour.

Now that I have even more time in my life and a new passion to explore, I’ve fallen into the beautiful and salivating world of food blogging, and so begins My Cup Is Full. While planning the next cooking or baking challenge in my head I’m taking them all on like Juliette Binoche in Chocolat

…while more often I get caught off guard by recipes I haven’t completely ready through until the end, and I end up Lucille Ball in a chocolate factory…

(only to be saved at the last minute by entreating my patient but hungry husband to come read the next step in the recipe, take the rice off the stove, and hand me a bandaid)… but the adventure is always worth it!


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