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East End Market: Must Eat In Orlando

In Tips, Travelling by Mandi Flake

If you get the chance to go to Orlando anytime soon, you have to head over to the East End Market. I had the chance to get over there and sample all the shops and area restaurants when I was in town last month, and boy was I in love! From the simple stuff like bread and coffee, to the complex stuff like Basque cuisine and vertical gardening, the food and the aesthetic was superb. If you’re a foodie that needs a little break from Epcot, head over to the East End Market to take in some local flair and food.

East End Market Orlando Bakery

The bread from Olde Hearth Bread Co. makes the bread I wish I had the time to bake at home all the time – no preservatives or sweeteners, just good, honest bread.
I also enjoyed the Houndstooth Sauce Company, as they have some fantastic barbecue sauces… Now, my hubby is from Memphis, so I say this with cautious trepidation in the fear the the BBQ police is going to jump out, but they know their bar-be-cue in Orlando too! Houndstooth even has a white barbecue sauce that is not good for using with heat (save that for their red sauce), but the white stuff is great as a condiment or base of a coleslaw or potato salad. You can order it from their website and have it shipped to you (or your loved ones in Memphis 🙂 )!

East End Market Orlando Restaurant

There are two key restuarants at the East End Market that I think you must make time for. Kappo is a Japanese 7 seater food bar that will reinvent the way you look at Japanese food – no more soaking in soy sauce. Instead, Kappo uses traditional flavors and embodies the true Japanese spirit of respecting your ingredients. For a full sit-down dinner, head over to Txokos Basque Kitchen. As soon as you step inside the smell alone will make you happy to sit there for hours in the fragrance from their wood fired grill. I got to have the porkbelly pictured above and some amazing fried peppers that were eaten too fast to be photographed.

East End Market Orlando Tartlet

Another favorite stop was Lineage Coffee Roasting. Their coffee was incredible, with a wonderful depth of flavor. On their website (where you can buy their roasts and have them shipped to you, BTW) they describe their coffee as if it were wine so you know exactly what flavors you’re in for. If you make it to their stand in the market, you must have some of their freshly bottled Iced Coffee, but if you can’t make it down there, just get some of their coffee beans and make your own Iced Coffee at home with my recipe.

East End Market Orlando Lights

There is so much more at the East End market which I don’t have time to share about here – more stands and more food. Plus it all changes with the seasons, as they try to be very local and seasonal, an active participant in the community. So head over and tell me what gem you found at the market!