The Foodie Gift Guide

Foodie Gift Guide

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‘Tis the season, as thanksgiving is now in the rearview mirror, and the shoppers are out in droves. Personally, I find the crowded stores more stressful than fun, so I keep a lot of my browsing for the internet, with targeted missions into stores. So, if you’re anything like me, I thought you might enjoy some ideas on the web for your foodie friends and family (and maybe a little something for you too!).

The Foodie Gift Guide

I tried to keep this foodie gift guide in the little something/stocking stuffers arena of $30 or under, with ideas for eating, cooking, baking and just having fun! If you’d like some larger gift ideas for aspiring cooks, you can head over to my Stuff I Love page that has everything from stand mixers to cookbooks for aspiring cooks and bakers.

Gifts for Eating

For that person in your life who always has a Reese’s within reach, give them a jumbo gourmet version (hey, it’s so big, you might even get to try a piece!).

Large Dark & Milk Chocolate Saigon Cinnamon Peanut Butter Cups – $14.00

Let’s assume you like peanut butter cups. Well, hold onto your hats, because this cinnamon-infused version blows any others out of the water. The oversized peanut butter cup comes in a dark chocolate and a milk chocolate variety (you’ll get one of each) — in both, a spicy Saigon cinnamon is blended into the peanut butter. And in case that wasn’t enough, the cups are finished with a sprinkling of coarse sea salt. In short, peanut butter and jelly should watch its back because this pairing overshadows it and then some. Made in: Riverside, Illinois. Made of: Chocolate, peanut butter, butter, brown sugar, confectioners sugar, Saigon cinnamon, and salt. Size: Each cup is 4″ in diameter (5 ounces each).


For the foodies you know love to eat amazing food, but aren’t crazy about spending extra time in the kitchen, why not get them these gourmet sauces to help them enjoy amazing meals at home without all the effort?

Gin Lime, Habanero & Salted Caramel Sauces – $26.00

Enhance your desserts with three varieties of handcrafted caramels: Gin Lime: Lime and honey infused organic butter caramel finished with dry gin–perfect on tart-sweet apples or a scoop of ice cream. Made in: Portland, Oregon. Made of: Cream, sugar, corn syrup, butter (milk), sea salt, lime, honey, and gin.. Size: 8 ounces. Habanero Caramel: Organic butter caramel infused with habanero pepper — for those who like a little heat. Made in: Portland, OR. Made of: Cream, sugar, corn syrup, butter (milk), sea salt, habanero.. Size: 8 ounces. The Salted Caramel: Flakes of fleur de sel give this creamy caramel sauce an edge. Made in: Portland, OR. Made of: Cream, sugar, corn syrup, butter (milk), sea salt.. Size: 8 ounces.

Gifts for Cooking

Treat someone to quality, award winning olive oil – the base of a truly fantastic homemade vinaigrette.

Dominica Fiore Olio Reserva Olive Oil – $25.00

This fruity, medium-bodied, golden green olive oil has won international awards — and we’d give it a blue ribbon ourselves. It’s highly complex with a persistent flavor (lingering on the tongue). To produce their certified-organic extra virgin olive oil blend, the olives are harvested by hand, and within four hours they are made into oil. After racking (the natural settling and clearing process), they blend the olive oil varieties to the Dominica Fiore estate’s signature taste profile within DOP Umbria Colli Orvietani standards. Domenica Fiore Reserva is nitrogen sealed in stainless steel bottles to preserve the oil’s freshness and quality, and each specially designed bottle is signed and numbered by Cesare Bianchini, the direttore of the estate, for traceability. Made in: Italy. Made of: Olive oil. Size: 500 ml.


I have a confession… I am egg-obsessed. I could eat eggs twice a day, every day. If you have anyone in your life like me, they’d fawn over this Egg Coddler, the eggs will taste like they were poached (but without the effort), and you can add in ingredients just like an omelet.

Egg Coddler – $24.00

Eggs require a delicate touch — treat them gently by cooking them in a glass coddler. This little This Jenaer Glas dish allows your eggs to cook in a pot of boiling water, similar to poaching, to guarantee a perfectly cooked egg. The small coddler can hold about 2 medium eggs, or 1 with some add-ins like cheese, bacon, and vegetables. The larger can hold about 4 medium eggs, or fewer depending on what else you include (for example, we like a lot of cream baked with our eggs, but that’s just us). Made in: China. Made of: Borosilicate glass. Size: Large: 4.1″ x 4.1″ x 3.7″ (8.4 ounces); Small: 3.3″ x 3.5″ x 3.4″ (4.4 ounces).

Gifts for Baking

If you have any bakers on your gift list who like a fresh loaf of bread made at home, this is a great gift, as it is the only non-round proofing basket I’ve ever come across!

13″ Oblong Proofing Basket – $28.00

This slim oblong proofing basket is just what a baker needs to make the perfect loaf of bread. Handwoven out of natural rattan, this proofing basket (also known as a banneton) is extra-sturdy. The proofing basket gives the dough structure while is rises — it’s ideal for sourdoughs or longer loaves that need to be shaped prior to baking. Made in: Germany. Made of: Natural cane (rattan). Size: 3.5″ H x 12″ L x 6″ W (those are the top measurements, the basket is slighter narrower at the base; the base measures 10.5″ L x 4″ W).


I love decorative tools, because it means you can leave them on the counter to save up cabinet space! This beautiful biscuit cutter definitely fits in that category.

Biscuit Cutter – $24.00

The prettiest biscuit cutter we’ve ever seen, this ash wood tool features a sharp edge for slicing through dough, and a domed top. Store it on your countertops or table — the lovely bell-like shape is decoration in and of itself. Made in: Maine. Made of: Ash wood. Size: 4-5″ H x 3″ W (smaller size with a 2.5″ opening); 4-5″ H x 3.5″ W (larger size with a 3″ opening).

Gifts for Fun

How much more fun can you get, with a cute koozie for your beverage? I have some reusable sandwich wraps by the same company and LOVE them.

Reversible Can & Bottle Koozie – $16.00

We wanted a cooler koozie — and Dot and Army designed these custom koozies, exclusively for Food52. We loved all of their ideas, so we asked you to help by voting on your favorite patterns while these awesome reversible pieces were in the design phase. The crowd favorites were the bike and the car, and we’re happy to unveil them now! This means colder beers, warmer hands, and admiring gazes from fellow tailgaters. Made in: Georgia. Made of: Cotton, velco. Size: 11″ x 4″ (choose from 2 car koozies, 2 bike koozies, or a set of 6 with 3 cars and 3 bikes).


Looking for a sweet toy for a little one? Here are some unique and adorable (& eco-friendly!) animals they would love.

Plush Animals – $25.00

We’re adults, but these are so cute that we are considering buying one for our favorite toddler, and one for ourselves. Each plush animal is hand-sewn individually using eco-friendly felt and polyfil made from recycled plastic bottles. They’re soft and cuddly but sturdier and more durable than many stuffed toys. Choose from a penguin, baby seal, or reindeer. Made in: Ohio. Made of: Felt, recycled bottle polyfill. Size: 10″ x 15″ W (reindeer); 8″ x 8″ (seal); 6″ tall (penguin).

So there it is! I wish you joy in all your gift-giving this season 🙂

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