Cake at Mimi's

Giving Thanks in Memphis

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Hello all! I hope you had a lovely time last week giving thanks with family, friends, and food. I went to Memphis to visit with my husband’s family and wanted to share with you some of the fun I had along the way.

Leaves at the Airport

In the airport parking lot all the color was on the ground… Winter is right around the corner! I should probably get around to making something pumpkin-derived before it’s officially too late.

Cake at Mimi's

We had a special day with my husband’s grandmother, Mimi, getting ready for the eat-fest to follow. I got to bake a cake… I won’t tell you what kind yet, only that the inside is Green! Share in the comments if you guess the flavor right 🙂

1940s Cookbook

I got to leaf through a passed-down 1942 Woman’s Home Companion Cookbook, some fun gems in there I will be passing along soon.

Handwritten Recipe

Also in the fore-mentioned cookbook were quite a few hand-written recipes all over the margins. Evidently a relative was obsessed with dates… Personally, I’ve never even eaten a date… Any of you have thoughts on whether I should even attempt a date-filled cookie?

Key Lime Cake

And the cake flavor is…. Key Lime Cake! Super yummy, very sweet, and if you add some chopped nuts to the frosting, it’s heaven. You can check out the recipe and make it for yourself over at Allrecipes. We doubled the frosting because, what the heck, it’s Thanksgiving! Three cheers for great food and extra frosting!!!

Christmas Puzzle

The day after thanksgiving, the Christmas puzzle came out… Ok, so we may have done one before thanksgiving too, but we hung on to the Santa one until afterwards. This one was deceptively hard, as all the shades of red, brown and green were almost identical.


Before I could leave Memphis (a city that I am convinced was the birthplace of all comfort food), I had to get some barbecue and also cheese fries before flying home to reality and regular food.

So, how was your thanksgiving? Any favorite dishes that shouldn’t be missed next year? Do share!

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