Love Your Kitchen: Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Kitchen Knives Closer

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This is Day 9 of our #Write31Days series focusing on Learning to Love Your Kitchen. If you would like to see all the posts from this series, head over to Day 1 for links to everything.

Today I want to introduce you to the most important tool in your kitchen: Your Knife. A well-cared-for, quality knife will last for ages. And a sharp knife will keep you safer and save your imd. It seems paradoxical that a sharp knife is safer, but if you have a good hold on your knife, then the less force you have to exert to slice an onion, for example, the less the chance it will glance off the object you’re slicing and fly out of control.

Knives Closer

As for a time saver, back when I first ended up in the kitchen, I was using dull, hand-me-down knives. And I had no idea that chopping a pile of herbs shouldn’t take hours. Seriously, the easies way to be discouraged in the kitchen is spending hours whacking at food with a dull blade… talk about an exercise in futility! At that point, a mortar and pestle would be far more effective, since you end up mashing the herbs to oblivion.

All this is to say that if there is one kitchen tool to save up for and invest time in learning how to use it well, it is a knife set. My favorite kitchen knives, and all you really need to get started are: a Paring Knife (for small jobs), a Zwilling Pro Ultimate Bread Knife (for crusty jobs), and a Chef’s Knife (for all other jobs). Also, don’t skip the sharpening steel, as it is and invaluable (and inexpensive) way to keep your knives always nice and sharp! From my experience, the $30 “never needs sharpening” variety aren’t worth your money, and you’d be better off investing in some high quality steel, as within 1 year with my $30 set, there were knicks and grooves all along the blades, making them effectively useless. Three brands I’ve used and can recommend are Wusthof (what I use at home), Global® 6-Piece Block Set (what I use at work), & Zwilling Pro Set (what I use at a friend’s house).

If you’re interested in more resources on how to care for and use your kitchen’s best investment, check out:

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