Grilling Lessons with Coals

Lessons in Memphis: Grilling 101

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Over this summer we made it out to Memphis to visit family, and I got a rundown on the time-honored summer tradition in my husband’s family of grilling. The patriarch of the family from Texas passed down his legendary brisket recipe (okay, so it involves grilling ALL day… I think I’ll stick to my crockpot version for now) to my father-in-law, who is no stranger to great BBQ as a Memphis-man, born & raised. Below are some pics from my grilling 101 lessons!

Grilling Lessons with Coals

As we got ready to head to Memphis in the middle of the heat of July, I was ready for the heavy blanket of humidity and heat unbroken by our North Carolina evening thunderstorms. Boy was I surprised when the highs were in the 70s with little to no humidity for most of the week! Who would have thought you’d need a sweater in the middle of July in the Mississippi Delta? Not me, for sure! But in all, the pleasant weather made standing by a hot coal grill for a couple hours a lot of fun.

Grilling Pork Tenderloin and Marinade

I don’t have any grilling recipes to share with you yet, until I can set aside the funds and figure out where a grill could be stored at our house. Our garage is barely big enough to fit my car… let alone a grill and trash cans! But let me tell you a simple pork tenderloin marinaded in just italian dressing, and cooked low and slow over 2 hours resulted in the BEST pork tenderloin I’ve ever had! If you’re looking for an exhaustive reference of recipes and how-to guides, I suggest heading over to Epicurious’ Grilling Page.


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