Love Your Kitchen: If You Care You Share

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This is Day 22 of our #Write31Days series focusing on Learning to Love Your Kitchen. If you would like to see all the posts from this series, head over to Day 1 for links to everything.

In most societies today, food is a very social thing. From business lunches to dinner dates, relationships are often formed and deepened over a shared meal. In a paraphrase of my husband’s words, what we have been given and our journey is not just for our benefit, but also for the benefit of others. As you grow in your love and skills in the kitchen, I would encourage you to remember all those who would love to join you on that journey, and those who would benefit from the fruits of your labor. So that’s why today I want to remind you that If You Care, You Share.

if you care you share

The kitchen is a source of life and energy in your home, so as you take the leap and learn to produce amazing meals and treats, think about how you can bless someone else with your abundance. From dropping off cookies to the new neighbor next door, inviting a single friend over for a family dinner, or dropping off a casserole for the friend who had a biking accident, you will learn how blessed YOU will be by taking the opportunity to share with someone else. Warning: it can become addicting getting to spread a smile and make a new friend through food!


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