Love Your Kitchen: By Eating Out

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This is Day 25 of our #Write31Days series focusing on Learning to Love Your Kitchen. If you would like to see all the posts from this series, head over to Day 1 for links to everything.

Okay, let’s be real for a minute… As soon as my hobby becomes an obligation I struggle to find it fun. So, to be completely straight-up, this series, mandating I post has been a real test of perseverance for me, as I write and share about food because I love it, not because I am being forced to do so. So maybe you’re like me… Maybe you enjoy cooking from scratch, maybe your crockpot is your best friend, but as soon as you feel like you have to put meals on the table night after night, your inspiration and enthusiasm can threaten to run dry. My encouragement to you today is that when you feel like you’re backed into the corner of obligatory cooking, get out of your kitchen and Eat Out!

Make Space-2

We all need an extra dose of grace some days, when we’ve hit our limit and can’t seem to get our act together to just clean out the sink, much less put a pot on the stove. I’ve found that a nice meal out of the house is just what the doctor ordered, because along with the refreshing experience of someone else standing over the stove and cleaning the dishes, one of two things will happen (usually)… Either I will be so in love with my meal that I’m inspired to get back in my kitchen and make something similar, or I won’t enjoy it so much, and I start dreaming about how my roasted tomato soup is SO much better than anything I’ve had in a restaurant! I find that 9 times out of 10 (unless I’m going to a chain and having the same meal as a 1,000 times before), an evening in a restaurant trying a new dish will give me back my mojo and fill me with inspiration and a desire to get back in the game and keep cooking.



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