Love Your Kitchen: Tuesday Tip from 1942

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This is Day 14 of our #Write31Days series focusing on Learning to Love Your Kitchen. If you would like to see all the posts from this series, head over to Day 1 for links to everything.

It’s Tuesday again! So we have another Tuesday Tip. Today’s tip is out of my christmas gift last year, a vintage cookbook passed down from my husband’s family. It’s a 1942 edition of The Woman’s Home Companion Cookbook, and I LOVE it! First of all, everything is from scratch, and it is all before the era of the microwave which gives a beautiful timelessness to the recipes.

1940s Cookbook

My other favorite thing about this book is all the lovely handwritten recipes in the margins from family I never got the chance to meet:

Handwritten Recipe

Okay, enough show and tell, on to the tip from that book that I wanted to share with you. It’s all about the oven and proper baking temperature, which I thought was an appropriate follow-up to our post yesterday about Taking Your Temp.

Good circulation of heat in the oven is essential to even baking. If only one dish is being baked, the exact center of the oven will usually give the best results. When two or more pans are baked at the same time the pans should not touch one another nor the walls of the oven. if more than one shelf in the oven is used, the pans should be staggered so that no one is directly under another.

I found this tip immensely helpful as I’m always wondering exactly how could I arrange multiple dishes in an oven without messing anything up? I hope you found it helpful too!


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