low country rambles & a tasting bar

New Trend: Infused Oils Tasting Bar

In Tips, Travelling by Mandi Flake

A few months ago I got to visit my aunt who moved down South from Chicago this year, and I had such a wonderful time, took some fun pictures (with my then-brand-new camera), but I never told you about it because I did actually enjoy it as a vacation so there wasn’t a single new recipe that was concocted. BUT what did happen that I’ve now decided I should really share with all of you is that I found a new trend of little shops popping up all over that are so cool and fun, and will change the way you make vinaigrettes at home: Infused Oil Tasting Bars.

infused oil tasting bar

How fun is that? The one I found down in Beaufort, SC was called Olive The Above (how cute!), and they had little bags of plain popcorn for you to use to try their infused olive oils, with everything from blood orange to tuscan herb olive oils, as well as strawberry to chocolate balsamic vinegar. I brought home some lime olive oil, provence herb olive oil, and some strawberry vinegar, and they have be so easy to bring new life to salads and marinades. When I got home I thought I’d found this one place in the whole world that would have an olive oil tasting bar, only to find out one had opened just a month ago in the next town over! So, turns out these are making a big showing around the country, and if you’re looking for one near you, check out The Olive Oil Source’s website, as they have a large listing of tasting bar and suppliers.

low country rambles & a tasting bar

However, if you do get down to Beaufort, I guarantee you’ll enjoy the quaint town with its antebellum charm. It really is a gem of preserved low-country architecture, as it was used as a Union base during the Civil War, so relatively little damage was done during that time.

low country rambles & a tasting bar

And no words can describe how beautiful the trees are… I feel like I could sit under them reading forever!