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Tuesday Tip: Mise En Place

In Cooking, Tips by Mandi Flake

My biggest issue in planning and executing a meal plan is timing. I often have half the meal ready with an hour to go on the roast. In another common scenario, everyone has been eating chips and dip for two hours before the new recipe is ready to come out of the oven. My husband always quips that if I’m …

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Apple Crumb Pie

In Desserts, Oven by Mandi Flake

What a lovely time of year. In college, my roommates and I created a tradition where every September we would go apple picking. Usually the apples languished on top of our mini-fridges, but the bonding over apple cider and under the boughs of fruit-laden trees brought us through the harshest of winters. In honor of those dear friends, I’m sharing …

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Tuesday Tip: Cut Cake Cleanly

In Baking, Tips by Mandi Flake

It is Tuesday. Poor Tuesday. I believe Tuesday is the most neglected of the work days. You can have a case of the “Mondays.” Or you may be relieved to get past the middle of the week’s “Hump Day.” And what bar doesn’t have happy hour on a Thursday? …Think that was a cop-out? Ok, just think of Thursday as …