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Classic Pumpkin Pie

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This Thanksgiving I tried my hand at making my very first Thanksgiving Day pumpkin pie, and it was a big hit! I did start to make someone else’s recipe, but as I saw the filling come together I was so skeptical it would be half as tasty as I wanted it to be that I ended up making up my own filling. …

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Slow Cooker Lamb Shoulder

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Welcome back from all your thanksgiving travels, cooking, eating, and perhaps shopping! I hope you had a fun time with friends and family to celebrate the season. For those of you who are ready for some less labor-intensive meals that don’t involve turkey over the next couple of weeks as you save up energy and turkey room for Christmas Day, I wanted …

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Tea Cakes

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My husband’s great grandmother passed down this recipe to her daughter, who then passed it down to her granddaughter in law, who is now passing it along to all of you! These tasty cookies are called tea cakes, likely because they are a good complement to a tea party, perhaps? However I’m more of a fan of a stack of …

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Black & Blue Biscuit Bites

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I have a weakness for a particular olive… Just one type. My fall for this olive when I was in college sounds a little bit like a rom-com: its dinner time, and I was stranded with no car, limited cash, and a closed cafeteria, which drove me to eat nothing but kalamata olives (and sprite!). And I’ve never looked back. My …

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Pumpkin Pie Souffle

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I am currently writing to you from underneath the majority of my winter clothing, plus a fuzzy blanket, as I shiver in my office while the HVAC guy tromps through the house for the third time this week, trying to get our under-performing heater back up to snuff. It’s not totally dead, as the house is still liveable, but it does …