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What a ride 2015 has turned out to be! I’ve visited Disneybroke my foot, had my first public sale of my photography through a gallery, lost 10 pounds with the help of the WeightWatchers mobile app, finally saw New Orleans, and even helped a friend re-launch her blog… Sadly, however, I’ve failed to keep you all up to date for most of this year, and for that I am so sorry. But never fear, I’m back online with new vision and recipes in hand. Yay! I think this calls for cake…

Cake for One Cut-0069

Some breaks can be good, a time to refocus and reevaluate to return with new energy. Among the changes I’ve wanted to bring to My Cup Is Full is to bring you all into the loop of my growing love of photography. About one year ago I decided to dive into the fun and scary world of DSLR cameras, and overnight my food pictures went from this:

Red Velvet Cake

to this:

Slow Cooker Brisket with Guinness

And I was having so much fun! Photography is the perfect intersection of geek and artist that it keeps me interested and inspired. But now I’m not just inspired by food but by everything around me, especially the beautiful community of Davidson, NC where I live. So this spring, almost without thinking about it, I started to get out of the kitchen and keep photographing what was around outside my front door… So I’ve decided that in the midst of continuing to bring you all up to date with my adventures in the kitchen, My Cup Is Full will also have a portfolio of my work and some fun photography inspiration from time to time to help you get out there too! Maybe you have a DSLR sitting in the closet that hasn’t seemed worth the effort, or maybe you want to learn how to make your food look picture perfect too, so my goal into 2016 is to help you move in those directions too.

Be on the lookout in the coming days, I’ll be sharing my story from the past months with yummy homemade recipes to share and easy tips for helping you grow your photography too.


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