How To Save Half Of An Avocado

Tuesday Tip: How to Store Avocado

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Ever wondered what to do with that extra half of an avocado you would like to use the next day, perhaps over leftovers of some White Chicken Enchiladas?

How to Store Avocado

This week’s Tuesday Tip should help with such a conundrum! To store avocado, the key is to keep air away from the surface of the avocado flesh. As such, the best plan is to save the half with the seed still inside to keep the inside pocket protected.

How To Store Avocado

Wrap it up with plastic wrap pressed against the flesh of the avocado. Even use a second piece to hold the ends of the first piece in place.

How To Store Avocado

This arrangement should keep your avocado half relatively fresh for a day or two, and when it’s time to use it you can scrape off any brown spots that crept in, and then remove the seed and use as normal. An extra step that can help preserve the avocado for longer would be to coat the exposed flesh in some lime or lemon juice to help prevent browning.

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