Tuesday Tip: Adapting To Dietary Needs

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Happy New Years Eve! This beautiful Tuesday, I’m bringing you a quick little Tuesday Tip for you that may help in the coming year, as friends and family change their eating habits in the pursuit of health. Over the past couple of years since embarking on my adventures in the kitchen, I’ve cooked for different family and friends who had varying diets – Clean, Gluten-Free, Low Sodium, Paleo, Low Fat, Low Carb, and don’t forget that Diabetes runs in the family, so keep the sugar levels down.


I’ve found in these instances there are two tools I turn to that help immensely when all of a sudden I need to know the exact grams of fat in a serving of my tomato basil soup, to see if will be an acceptable lunch. Or which brand of corn chips actually has flour hiding in there?

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The first tool is called, there’s a iPhone app as well as a website, and you can create a login, list all the ingredients in your recipes to figure out how much sodium is in each bite, along with other helpful nutrition breakdowns.


The other tool is – in particular I use the Gluten & Allergies iPhone app, but there is a free app version, as well as a free website that it incredibly useful with its database of supermarket items and how healthy they are, whether they are complete gluten free, etc. Of course, neither of these tools can fully replace the diligence and hard work of educating yourself on the needs of your guests and reading labels, but they can help the task seem not quite so daunting.



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