Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Layer Cake

Tuesday Tip: Baking Takes Patience

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THE secret to a yummy, beautiful cake?

Baking Tip: Patience | my cup is full


As fun as it was can be to bake and decorate a cake with the girls in one afternoon, that simply is not enough time for you to do the whole process correctly. Can you spot the frosting melting on the inside of the cake below like lava inside a volcano?

Baking Tip: Patience | my cup is full

Nothing should be rushed about a cake. Measure (preferably weigh) your ingredients with precision. Let the cake cool until absolutely room temperature all the way into the center, top & bottom (or risk your cake becoming slimy or melting your frosting – see case & point above). For  (almost) every cake I make, after cooling it on the counter, I wrap it up in plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge overnight. This makes the crumbs hang onto the cake, which in turn makes torting (aka slicing into multiple layers) and frosting SO much easier, ending up in a beautiful cake. Also, if you put your crumb-coated cake (also referred to as dirty-iced cake) into the fridge for at least 15 minutes before putting on the final coat of frosting, you can avoid using things like toothpicks between the layers to keep the cake from sliding around.



  1. haahaa! yes! We had so much fun and the cake tasted yummy but, yea...epic fail! Did Juju ever tell you the way we ate that dang cake? we separated the layers and then iced them separately with our extra icing...classy. your cake looks gorgeous btw! maybe cake baking with girlfriends should always be cupcakes OR part of a slumber party!?
    1. Author
      Too funny! I didn't hear that part of the story - It was super yummy! I accidentally left my slices at my parents' house overnight & most of it disappeared by morning. My vote is slumber party!

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