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Tuesday Tip: Cut Cake Cleanly

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It is Tuesday. Poor Tuesday. I believe Tuesday is the most neglected of the work days. You can have a case of the “Mondays.” Or you may be relieved to get past the middle of the week’s “Hump Day.” And what bar doesn’t have happy hour on a Thursday? …Think that was a cop-out? Ok, just think of Thursday as Friday’s Eve… Because only a puppy-hater like Cruella de Vil could dislike Friday.

Tuesday gets lost. Tuesday needs a kick in the pants, something to make it more than cleaning up Monday’s mess.

So I’ve decided to share a tip with you each Tuesday. Nothing big or fancy, but hopefully something small that can spark your day, and get you ready to head home and make one small change towards a fuller life. These tips will be cooking, baking or kitchen-related, but I won’t pinky-swear to that, so don’t ask.

The first challenge I’ve decided to tackle? Messy cake slices.

So, today I have three steps on how to cut cake cleanly:A Clean Cut of Cake

1. Use a sharp knife. Butter knifes will not make a clean cut, as you need something thin and sharp to get in and get the job done with minimal damage (think of a surgeon’s scalpel, only bigger…much bigger).

2. Pause to clean. As excited as you may be to make the next cut, always take a second to wipe off your knife onto a napkin or paper towel, so you don’t add crumbs and frosting back onto the cake.

3. If you need one, make a cutting guide. One way to make sure you create equal slices is to stretch some baking twine over the diameter of the cake, pressing it lightly into the top of the frosting to divide the cake into two halves. Continue with this method for quarters and so on until you have the number of slices you need, and voila! all you’re missing is the “cut here” text on your frosting.

That’s it! Ever so brief, so you can go pet Pongo and watch this blast from the past:



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