How To Store Cookies

Tuesday Tip: How to Store Cookies

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With those tasty Nutty Nutella Cookies still hanging around the kitchen, I figured it would be a good time to share the best way I have found to store cookies. As with most things, Grandma’s advice rules. With each shipment of cookies on Christmas & birthdays, we receive the cookies layered between wax paper and topped with a slice of white bread. It may look kind of odd, but I’ve never had cookies stay as flaky and tender half as long as those cookies from my hubby’s grandmother, so it’s my new go-to method for preserving my baked goods.

How To Store Cookies

In whatever packaging you keep your cookies (I tend towards a ziplock or a glass dome like this one from Potterybarn at home, but our grandmother ships them wrapped in foil), be sure to toss in a slice of white bread, as the bread will go stale while your cookies stay nice and fresh. Crazy, huh? But it definitely works. The piece of bread in the picture above is stiff as a piece of cardboard, but the cookies taste just like the week we got them!

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