Frozen Birthday Cake Outside

Tuesday Tip: Themed Birthday Cakes

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Today is a slight break in the trend here on My Cup Is Full, as I wanted to share with you not a recipe per-se, but rather a tactic that has been serving me well as my niece is accustomed to her auntie making her birthday cakes, but the themes have shifted from “blueberry” or “strawberry” into “My Little Pony” and (along with every other little girl between 3 and 13) “Frozen.” Now, there are many amazing bakers out there who aren’t daunted by the challenge of creating creatures or entire cityscapes out of fondant, but I am definitely not one of them. My love of cooking and baking has grown out of  the pursuit of fresh food with great taste, not necessarily a desire to become a food sculptor. So, if you’re like me keep reading… Hey, even if you’re not like me, keep reading, you may get some ideas for birthday parties for your own little ones 🙂

Frozen Birthday Cake Outside

My cake theme shortcut? Put your gift on top of the cake… Okay, so maybe not just any gift, but choose something theme & age appropriate that can serve as your cake topper, and then have fun on just making a delicious cake everyone will love, instead of spending countless hours crying over that snowflake that tore or the figure that looks more like Gumby than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. And guess what? Yours will be the very first gift they open! Blow out the candles, rip off the topper and stick it straight into their goody bag.

Frozen Birthday Cake Inside

This cake I made for my niece’s 7th birthday party this past weekend in all its melting-because-of-the-intense-humidity glory… But it was sure tasty! Fluffy is probably the best description of it. I used Sweetapolita’s recipe for Vanilla Birthday Cake, which she calls “perfectly delightful” and I completely agree! It’s relatively inexpensive, compared to the usual cakes I like to make (read: loves high quality chocolate ganache and towering layers) , but is incredibly impressive with the help of a little color and four layers. To get the color for my Frozen cake, I followed I Am Baker‘s recommendation of using Sky Blue with a dab of Royal Blue Americolor gel paste to get shades of blue akin to Elsa’s dress and castle.

Add some piles of white sanding sugar to look like snow drifts, and you’re in business for your own Frozen-inspired cake! However, if you do live in a humidity-prone area like North Carolina, I would highly suggest waiting until the last possible moment to add your sugary toppings, as it turns out they will literally dissolve and melt if left out too long (who knew? not me, evidently).

Frozen Birthday with Horses

Now, what can make a Frozen-themed party any better? A horse of course! Now, I know what you’re thinking… what do horses have to do with the movie Frozen? Well, its as close as you can get to a Sven down here in North Carolina… And what 7-year-old birthday party wouldn’t be more fun with some horses, I ask you??

Finally, before I can finish, I have to show you this ADORABLE addition to a gift from a 5 year old… my heart just melts.

Frozen Birthday with Presents

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